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Support ends soon for WinXP and Vista!


If you own a Win XP computer, we recommend strongly that after April 8, 2014, you do not use it on the internet!

Why? After that date, Microsoft will no longer provide the security and service protocols required to keep your operating system and data safe and secure.

Using XP after this date will be at your own risk!

Not convinced? More information can be found on Microsoft's site, here.

New Auto Virus Killer May Mislead

Fix Me Stick

This product is not a Fix All End All - it should be called the "First Response" stick, because it is intended to bring your computer back to a state where you can, in conjunction with your desktop anti-virus and security suite, finish the cleanup.

It does not replace your security suite, and users may still require a technician to remove the infected files that have been quarantined only.

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Upgrading the Best Option

If you have an XP computer that is upgradeable, then your best option is to get it upgraded before April 8. The process is relatively painless, and you will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your data is secure.

The second option, if your computer is not upgradeable, is to get a new system.

The last, and worst option, is do nothing, and take the chance that everything will be fine. As a business owner, I would not want to take the chance that my information - or that of my clients - would be left vulnerable by my decision to do nothing.